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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

What Is Shoulder Impingement? - By Dr. Kevin Yip

The most common cause of rotator cuff problems is a disorder known as impingement, which overhangs the rotator cuff. But in some people, this space is inadequate to allow the normal smooth gliding movements of the rotator cuff as it moves the arm. Every time they raise an arm, the rotator cuff is pinched between the two bones.
In other cases, impingement is caused by accident or injury. Most often, it occurs with aging. As people grow older, their shoulder muscles and tendons weaken, causing the shoulder joint become less stable. The space between the upper arm and the acromion narrows. The increased pressure gradually damages the rotator cuff.
Although the rotator cuff can tear suddenly as a result of a serious injury, most rotator cuff problems develop over time. Over a period of months or years, impingement causes the rotator cuff to become irritated, to tear partially, or to tear completely.

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