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Friday, 1 April 2011

What are the treatment option for knee pain (Osteoarthritis)

The various treatments available for knee pain (Osteoarthritis) include:

  • -          Joint and muscle exercise to improve strength flexibility. This will reduce the force going through the join
  • -          Weight management to relieves stress on the weight-bearing joints
  • -          Glucosamine Sulphate 1500mg per day
  • -          Anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics
  • -          Injection of lubricant into knee
  • -          Arthroscopy to wash away the inflamed fluid, debris and loose fragments inside the joint. Abrasive-therapy to stimulate cartilage growth
  • -          Osteotomy to straighten the leg to reduce the stress acting on the bad part of the knee.
  • -          Partial knee replacement (unicompartmental knee- replaced only diseased portion of the joint)
  • -          Total knee replacement (used when severe osteoarthritis is present)
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